Are LEIs public?

The Global LEI System was developed to create a more transparent global financial market. A company’s LEI will be public and contain data about the company’s registered and trading names, company type, registered address, registration number, parent company information, and child company information. You’ll be able to access this public database free of charge through LEI search

What is the purpose of an LEI number?

The Global LEI System (GLEIS) was developed by the G20 in 2011 in response to the 2008 global financial crisis. This crisis made the need for a more transparent financial system evident. The purpose of the LEI number (a combination of 20 letters and numbers) is to allow the identification of any organization or legal entity in a worldwide database. 

What is LEI reference data?

The reference data is public and contains very basic “business card” information or “level one” data. It answers the question, “Who is who?”. 

The LEI reference data connects critical reference information, enabling a clear and unique identification of legal entities participating in the global financial markets. 

LEI Level 1 data contains:

1. Registered and trading names
2. Company type (e.g., Fund, Trust, Limited Liability Company)
3. Registered address(es)
4. Company registration number
5. Parent company information
6. Child company information

Level 1 data: Who is Who (GLEIF)

Are LEIs public?

A company’s LEI data will be publicly available, free of charge, and can be accessed through the LEI database. This will provide a more transparent global marketplace and offer businesses a one-stop approach to identifying legal entities, potentially simplifying business transactions. 

What is LEI search?

A LEI number search will reveal the information contained within a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). It can be used to check the validity of an LEI number or ensure that any information held on an entity is up-to-date. The LEI number needs to be renewed annually to ensure that the information on the LEI database is recent and relevant. 

The LEI search will reveal the company’s registered and trading names, company type, registered address, registration number, parent company information, and child company information. 

How do I find a company’s LEI?

You can complete an LEI number search using either the company’s name or its LEI number. The search tool will then automatically display all the LEI information accessible through the database. You can also filter the results of a Legal Entity Identifier search by country, which should ensure that fewer results need to be explored.

What are LEI registration fees?

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) is responsible for the advanced development of the Global Legal Entity Identifier System, known as GLEIS. It has partnered with Local Operating Units (LOUs), which are responsible for issuing LEI numbers. LOUs such as Ubisecure Oy (RapidLEI) may partner with an official GLEIF Registration Agent, such as LEI Register. Our role is to provide support and efficient service to market participants who need an LEI for their organization.

Obtaining an LEI number can cost between €69 and €250, depending on who you register with. It’s important to note that the price of your LEI number is determined by the service provider’s profit formula and has nothing to do with the value of the LEI number itself. 

LEI Register is one of the biggest and most inexpensive LEI service providers worldwide. LEI Register’s LEI cost consists of the initial registration cost for the chosen period and the GLEIF fee (11 USD to date). 


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